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    Default Definition of Contain

    I asked before, but i am still stuck.

    I dont understand the usage. Contain to me means to hold or have within an area or space.

    So how does it work when we say " My list contains all the groceries i need" this example, the groceries are not contained, but represented and listed, so what definition of contain does that example fall under.

    I guess i am looking for an explanation more or less on what they mean in that example.


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    Default Re: Definition of Contain

    Quote Originally Posted by alkaspeltzar View Post
    I asked before, but i I am still stuck.
    Then ask follow-up questions in the thread you have already started. It will be confusing if we have two threads on the same topic.

    Thread closed.
    Please do not edit your question after it has received a response. Such editing can make the response hard for others to understand.

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