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Thread: in my journey?

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    in my journey?

    Just a quick one prompted by my wife asking me about the use of in instead of on in Jane Austen. I apologise for not having the quote handy (at work but not working ;) ) but the issue is the use of the word "in" instead of "on" in relation to a journey.

    "I was interrupted in my journey to London."

    ...or something like this.

    Can someone enlighten me as to the history of how one ended up travelling on a journey as opposed to being in one? Does this apply anywhere else which we would find in destinct contrast with(or is that to?) modern English? Did something happen to qualify the nature of journeying?

    (I am suddenly realising how hard it is to construct posts in this forum - feeling very self consciouis please excuse me I should know better)

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    Re: in my journey?

    If you look here, there are still cases where people use 'in', though many seem to refer to spirtual journeys, where there is a greater focus on the idea a the limits around you even though travelling. Maybe journeys nowadays are much less arduous, so we think of them as a more process that takes time rather than a grueling experience, which would explain the use of 'in' with many of the examples given:

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