Personal Introduction
I am Kamal Uddin from Pakistan; I hold a four year bachelor's degree majoring on Electrical Engineering from Mehran University of Engineering & Technology (MUET), Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan, with GPA 3.4 out of 4.00. I was an active student during my undergraduate studies, involved in many curricular & non-curricular events. In fact, I am amongst the top 20 students of my class of 120 students. I have been, in the past, amongst the top rankers in the entrance tests conducted by the academic institution of my education.
Currently, I am working in Dawlance Group of Companies (Leading household appliances company in Pakistan) as a Maintenance Engineer; my job responsibilities include maintenance and troubleshooting of machines along with the planning & the proper allocation of available resources to achieve the smooth operation of the plant with the maximum efficiency. I have also done internship in National Transmission & Despatch Company (NTDC), Pakistan, where I gained extensive knowledge about Grid System Operation (GSO), Protection and Instrumentation (P & I), and Metering and Testing (M & T).
I would like to apply for the Master's Degree in the subject Masters in Detection Technology and Instrumentation or Control Engineering from China because from my current industrial job experience and past internship I come to know the practical applications of my chosen field, this thing created a thirst of knowledge in me for my chosen course. My aim is to work in an international field related to Electrical Engineering. Therefore, I would like to gain deeper theoretical and practical knowledge to start and manage innovative projects, and I would hope to be able to take part in maximizing my Country’s Technology to increase its economy and enhance the living standards of my countrymen.
I expect that this Master Program provides me chance to get to know with Electrical systems and affiliates me dedicatedly to the industries, which are living examples of the art of Electrical Engineering. I hope that I can gain more experience in dealing with situations, people, systems, demands that will be of a great help to me for my future career.
Reason to Study in CHINA
Now the question arises, why China?? I think I don’t need to explain reasons in detail as nowadays the whole of the world is much known with China’s rapid economic growth & its diverse technological advancements, which are the main causes of fascination for everyone to study in China. On top of that, education standards and ranking of Chinese universities in the world is great reason for choosing China to be my next educational furnishing institute. I have few friends studying in China I have always heard them admiring about china and Chinese universities, which gives me a sign of satisfaction if I will be studying in any Chinese university. Moreover, China’s diverse cultural values and Pak-China friendly relations make me feel China as my second Homeland; my family is much satisfied with China as my preference for my further study. These reasons altogether make China as an ideal place for me to do my master degree in China.
I hope this application will receive your favorable consideration and I will be happy to meet you at your convenience and provide additional information you may need. I look forward to receive your reply.

Prospective Student,
Kamal Uddin