Hi there,

I've been learning about Halliday's SFG and there's one thing I can't seem to work out in relation to circumstances in experiential metafunction. If you have a circumstantial adjunct which is describing a person's age or where they come from, how would you sub-categorise the circumstance it is? For instance:

British-born Robert has always wanted to visit the Carribean.
A man from Russia has been arrested.
A girl of two has been abandoned by her parents.
A sixteen-year-old teenager has won the National Skating Championships.

So for the bits in bold, how would I treat them in terms of experiential metafunction? Do I consider them a Circumstance of time and place? Or do I just treat them as part of the participant (whether actor, senser, or whatever) and not separate them? 'Cause I find it difficult to treat them as a circumstance of time/place as it feels like I'm saying something about the participants/person, as opposed to saying when or where something happened...

Thanks for any responses,