(Hi, would it be possible for you to mark my english work, I need to know if grammar, punctuality, and expression etc are correct, what I could do to improve it, what grade I am working on and what i could do to improve this grade, thank you)

The text I chose to transform is Tennessee Williams “A Streetcar Named Desire” which I have decided to turn into a doctors or medical report. The audience for both William’s play and my medical report are somewhat similar. When William had written this, he had addressed his play to people to show what people go throughout their life. The relationship portrayed between sex and death, and how most women are dependent on men enables the audience to know that women are independent and can overcome circumstances in life. William’s audience and attitudes has changed throughout the play. The play consists of people who encompass an interest in the relationship.

The audiences he has chosen resemble my audience. I am writing my medical report to people who have an interest in life and death circumstances. My audience consists of older and mature audiences who by now understand the basics of life, or audiences who aspire to have an understanding. Conversely I based my work on other resources from William’s play, other people’s experiences and medical reports to show my work is based on real incidents. In addition to this, Williams’s poem emphasises on his personal experience and past life. Consequently this shows that our purpose and audience are moderately similar as they are both written to send out a message. On top of this the genre for Williams play and my medical report are somewhat different even though they contain a similar motive. Williams play uses different characters to show incidents. It shows how each of them is reacting, while my medical report is from a third person and does not show any emotions.

Characters for my medical report were not to be created, but I had to adapt to the nature of Blanche. I had done this by looking at how William had felt with his sister Rose’s incident. This connected to the circumstances which I chose to put Blanche. I chose to adapt to this and her position to build more tension and create a more emotional state of affairs. I decided to create the personality of Blanche who is to various extents parallel to the play writer. My idea was to transform this into a medical report which will become personal to the reader.

In Williams play several relationships are visible, while in my report Blanche is alone which shows a sense of loss towards the audience and could show the grief.
I chose to base my work on scene 10 where Blanche is being assaulted. I wanted to show how Blanche is at times a weak person; though in this scene it was because she had been drunk. Blanche’s personality is immensely strong; but because of the times she has been betrayed, she has become truly weak. In the last scene Blanche screams “whoever you are – I have always depended on kindness of strangers” and this shows the audience that she is the real heroine. Society is thinking wrong and ill of Blanche. This fits in well with the medical report; this could mean that because of her kindness she is in this condition. By using this specific quote it will show an obvious sense of loss within Blanche.

When Blanche is drunk in the play, it becomes visible as though she is going through a different phase. Blanche has no understanding at this time as she is not in her senses. By reading the medical report there will be a sense of remorse and it will become strangely emotional towards the audience.

I chose to keep the idea of Blanche being emotionally disturbed and the fact that she has been ill-treated. This creates more tension and it imitates on the relationship between sex and death. At first my idea was to produce a psychiatric report; but it became extremely complicated and was not going according to plan. I changed the entire piece into a medical report. I took out any text which mentions Blanche, and kept her illnesses and adapted to it, hence creating a medical report. A medical report in addition does not include much emotion where as my psychiatric report was going towards that path and became extremely difficult to stay uncomplicated. I decided to choose to adapt to the scene, and put a twist in the play. In the play she doesn’t give the impression that she is somewhat concerned on the subject of the sexual assault. I took this scene and twisted it a small quantity by changing her attitudes. I decided to show that because of this reason she is at present in a truly significant state. Blanches real personality depicts to the audience and this shows the audience that Blanche is a role model. Alternatively she has been punished by society in the play. This follows on well with Williams’s idea of changing the thoughts of society through this play.

In conclusion my work shows the loss of a woman’s happiness and it can be seen through the medical report. Blanche has gone from normal to unusually vital. The purpose of this was to show loss and grief and send out a message to those being treated in a harsh way. Though my transformation is in a different form, the purpose is to do the same as William. The nature of Blanche itself is particularly unique because her personality makes her gain the attention of the audience. Blanche is trying to start fresh and return to the happiness she was in before her husband had committed suicide. This is what I used to adapt to my medical report.