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    Is this sentence natural...?


    'Mikey asked his friend for a night out...'

    His friend is boy, and straight.

    Is it common to 'ask an ordinary friend out'? If not, should we necessarily use 'invite'?

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    Re: Is this sentence natural...?

    Unless there's a regular occasion (like 'the first Thursday of every month is a "Boys' Night Out"), I'd say 'invite' was better. A 'night out' sounds a bit intimate. I'd expect to see either a venue or an event too. So 'Mikey invited his friend to a movie', or just 'Mikey suggested that he and his friend meet at the pub ["for a quick/swift half[-pint of beer means it'll be a short meeting; they don't have to drink beer for 'a swift half' to be appropriate]'


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