Hello guys,

I am in a real hurry and need. In two days I have to submit my scholarship application... And it is so difficult to write in 300 words all the reasons I should be accepted!!!

Pleaaaaase. I can do the same for you in an Spanish essay =D

Pleaaaaase, help me! My writing is not precisely my strong point =(

I am applying for the Cardiff University Postgraduate Scholarship because my career ambition is to become a doctor researching in affective neuroscience. That is why I am eager to do the Master of “XXX. XXX X XXXX”, far away from my country, Spain. I strongly believe that studying it will provide me the necessary tools for my future as a neuroscientist and will help me to earn a PhD Scholarship in the School of Psychology at your university.

I think I should be considered for your scholarship because I have always striven for academic excellence. That is why I obtained the highest mark of my promotion and graduated high school with high honors. Then, I started to study Psychology, becoming the first university student of my family. I successfully finished my degree achieving an average score of 9.37, which very likely will be one of the 5 highest marks of hundreds of graduates this year. My academic performance at college has already been recognized as I have received three consecutive Excellence Academic Achievement Awards from the Regional Ministry of Education of the Community of XXX.

I have also been preparing myself with courses related to neuroscience, with a total amount of 363 hours, and I have taken any opportunity I have had to gain experience as a researcher. For example, just this last year, I have been working half-time as a research grantee, funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain, which has allowed me to get hands-on experience in relevant techniques within neuroscience. On the other hand, with another research group, I have participated, as co-author and principal author, in three book chapters and presented three communications in the VI International and XI National Congress of Clinical Psychology.
I would like to thank you in advance for considering my application.