Dear Mrs Archer,

I am writing in connection with your advertisement for a buyer for children’s fashions, in Fashion News.
I am interested in the job, because I am going to move to Italy next year. My son and my daughter are going to start the school in Rome. Recently I am a designer at a hungarian design company, called Dolce Vita. The headmaster of this company is my Italian uncle, so I have a good practice in Italian language. Previously I worked as a teacher, and I had always a good contact with children. I know well the style, that they like.
I am looking for a job where I can have experience in the other side of design and can develope in trading.
I would be grateful, if You inform me about the name of the town of region, where the job take place. Before I close my letter I would like to enquire about the salary, and if is there any accomodation provided.
Yours sincerely