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    Please help me to correct this essay.

    First name: XXXXX
    Second name: XXXXX
    E- mail: XXXXXXX
    Subject: College Admissions
    Mr. Rector,

    Your university’s reputation and quality of education offered, has determined me to want to apply to your university the next scholar year, 2014-2015, currently I am a student in the terminal year, as a result I would like to know the following information:

    I. Information concerning the conditions of admission:

    1. English requirements:
      1. What type of English test you require and which is the minimum level granted by the university?
      2. Which is the deadline to promote the English test?

    2. Are you requiring a minimum level concerning the graduation grade, if yes, which is it?
    3. Are you requiring a minimum grade concerning the Romanian Baccalaureate?
    4. Which is the registration deadline?
    5. Which modality I should use for applying.
    6. What should the registration file include?
    7. Please let me know of any other conditions that you are requiring, for admission?

    II. Information concerning the costs:

    1. Are you requiring taxes for applying, if yes, which is the value of it?
    2. What is the average tuition fee, corresponding to a year of study?
    3. Please let me know of any other charges that you perceive for a year of study?
    4. Are you offering any discounts or exemptions, if yes, in what conditions?

    III. Information concerning the accommodation:

    1. Are you offering accommodation during the scholar year, if yes, what are the accommodation facilities?
    2. What is the average cost for accommodation per month?
    3. Are you offering any discounts or exemptions, if yes, in what conditions?

    IV. Information concerning the scholarships:
    Are you offering scholarships, if yes, which of the following you are offering, which are the granting conditions for these scholarships and for which of them I am eligible, as citizen of the European Union:

    1. Social grants;
    2. Scholarships for excellent results;
    3. Maintenance grants;
    4. Professional Career Development Loan;

    V. Information concerning the average cost of living:
    Weekly (€) 39 weeks (€) 52 weeks (€)
    Energy and Utilities
    Personal needs
    Books and course costs,

    VI. Information concerning the employment opportunities:

    1. Are there any programs at the university, which help the students in the perspective of finding a part-time job, if yes, which is it and in what consist?
    2. What are the opportunities of employment for students in the region, and in what they consist?
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