Please can someone help me with the following questions

1. Which is the odd one out in each group and why?

  • The baby's bottle.
  • The nation's struggle.
  • the teacher's absent.
  • the nurse's pay.
  • the government's defeat.


  • The plane was hi-jacked by a woman.
  • The tourist were attacked by a gang.
  • The soldier was hit by a bullet.
  • The trains collided by a river.
  • Three hundred people were killed by the earthquake


  • She must have lost the address.
  • Alan must have been here too.
  • That must have been awful.
  • The thieves must have got in through the window.
  • I must have something to drink.


2 Identify any incorrect sentences in the list, EXPLAIN THE ERROR and supply the corrected version:

a. What did you say was your name?
b. I've been to China last year?
c. He doesn't work as hard as she does.
d. I would of liked to have seen that.
e. I regret to have damaged your book.
f. How long do you know Nathan?

The problem i have is explaining in teacher terms the meaning of the types of verbs, active, passive, tenses. ect