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    Difficulties in perceiving English by ear

    Hello everyone!

    Recently I’ve decided to watch a video course about the Maya character animation system for the purpose of both developing my aural perception of English speech and getting some skills in Maya. It should be said that I’ve never attached any importance to my aural skills in English, so now I’m obviously paying for that, and the price is my inability of catching a lot of English words by ear. I need someone’s help in getting what the speaker’s saying . Furthermore, I’d like to know if there are some rules and ways which can help such guys like me perceive fast, fluent and sometimes inarticulate English speech correctly. By the way, a couple of techniques I’m using for that are stretching soundtracks and changing the pitch of sounds, though they don’t always help me. From here I’m going to post my transcripts of the speaker’s unclear words and phrases with links to the corresponding pieces of the recording. I’d appreciate it if anyone could correct and comment my tries.

    Here is the first piece, where I've heard the following:
    ...but the way you do it if you want (me?) to lead(teach?) you (I've got or how to get, code?) your interface in your preferences and get the preferences either by clicking this button near the bottom...

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