This might be of interest to some... I have begun to diagram select sentences taken from hymns. I do this as videos on my Youtube Channel "Frank's School". I plan to keep doing it through the Christmas season as a sort of "Advent Calendar" of Christmas carols and hymns. But the two hymns that I have begun with are "Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven" -- so interesting because of the possible confusion of the noun of direct address and the direct object -- ; and "Eternal Father, Strong to Save", in which case the entire first verse is only one sentence. This fun is being had in connection with teaching about hymnody, verse, and music. The discussion is then followed by the singing of an ad hoc choir, formed to help me with the project.

In any case, those two sentence analyses can be seen in videos 3.63.1 and 3.64.1 on my Youtube channel. I THINK I got them right.