I have received this programme “of social sciences module” from one of my colleagues. whatdo you think? Do you think that it is a good one? I will be really thankful if you can give me your personal point of view.

I. Culture and Language Learning: (relation to humanities studies)
1. Definition of culture
2. The impact of culture on language learning (in terms of beliefs, attitudes, aptitudes).
II. People , places, and environment :
- People : tutors and students interpersonal relationship
- Places: Algeria, university.
- Environment: classroom.

The impact of university‘s atmosphere and environment in creating and maintaining the relationship between teachers and students and so, improving a conductive classroom atmosphere.
III. Education and Psychology:
1. The development of socially supportive classroom environment:
- Factors influencing classroom environment
- Factors enhancing classroom language learning
- Teachers’ roles
IV. Individuals, Groups, and Institutions
- Kinds of institutions, how they are formed.
- What are their roles in society
- Their impact on people and social groups
V. Power, Authority And Governance:
- Definitions of the terms: power, government, and authority
- The impact of the three terms on society and individual
- Power and authority in relation to language learning and teaching: teachers’ practices and actions in class- students’ freedom and autonomy in their learning, i.e. learning styles and strategies)
VI. Production, distribution, and consumption: economy (its impact on language learning)
- What is to be produced and distributed in Algeria?
- The impact of the Algerian economic development on language learning ( the introduction of ICTs)
- Language production ( do ICTs technologies foster students’ language production)
VII. Civic Ideas and Practices:
- What means Civic ideas and practices?
- How is the meaning citizenship involved?
- What is the balance between individual rights and responsibilities?
- Regarding learners: how can they be responsible? And recognize their rights in learning? ( in relation to accountability in learning)