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    Does it help to translate from your mother tongue into English

    Lately I've been trying to write more in English, -I think is my weakest point- trying little essays or just a compulsive writing no longer than 250 words, something like two paragraphs. But is hard to think of something to write about, so I started to translate pieces of texts from my mother tongue into English. I try to translate the general idea, not word per word translation.

    Many say that one should think in English and then write in English, that mixing languages is counterproductive. I know it was very much used in the past as a teaching method, but now there is this new trend that claims that one should stick to the "target language".

    Do you think it could hindrance my progress in this area? For those who are teachers, have you used in the past? What are your thought about this?

    Thank you
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