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I do not have problems comprehending the textbook audios/videos at any level and am able to help my students learn. The problem arises when me or my students try to watch real TV shows etc. The students complain they can barely understand a word and I do not know how to help them as even I am having the same problem.

Sometimes I watch movies with subtitles. Especially when I feel I´m really struggling to understand. My intention is to at least assign the incomprehensible sounds to the words I know in the hope that next time I won´t struggle that much.
Actually, Rennee, the question was about how you, as a teacher, deal with teaching listening in your class and if you are happy with the progress.

The main advantage of NNTs is that they can try various activities on themselves first and vice versa - they can polish their own language by just teaching it. Professionally, there are a number of strategies to apply while teaching listening. Which of them have you tried on yourself first and which were particularly helpful for your students?

As for the subtitles, why not read/study them first and then enjoy the film?