Greetings Teachers!

I've released a set of lesson plans designed for private English lessons. The plans are loaded onto a straightforward web platform and are designed to be taught to students by using a laptop or tablet (you can share one device or your student can follow along from their own device).

If you are interested in access to a growing library of EFL lesson plan content that is specifically designed for your private lessons, please request an account through the contact form on my site

We are very interested in feedback (whether positive or negative). You can leave the feedback here or contact us through the email you receive on account set up.

A bit of background about myself:

Like many people on this forum I've taught EFL on a couple different continents for the better part of my career. I've always supplemented my day job income with private lessons at night and on the weekends. Throughout my career I've struggled to find quality content to use as lesson plans for my private lessons. Most content online is either designed for a traditional classroom or not ready-to-teach without a lot of customization. My goal is to reduce your prep time for private lessons.