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Thread: Do or Make ?

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    Post Do or Make ?

    Dear all
    Could anyone explain to me about the difference between "do" and "make"?
    and how do you use them? I found them in my dictionary but it said in the meaning.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Do or Make ?

    The object of "make" is usually a result of the action. For example: You can make a cake. You begin with some ingredients, mix them together and bake the mixture, and the result is a cake.

    The object of "do" is not a result. For example: You can do some studying. The result of this action is not studying -- when you finish the action, the studying is over and finished. The result is increased knowledge.

    Look at these two sentences:

    Mary did a lot of work yesterday.
    Mary made a lot of work for herself yesterday.

    In the first sentence, Mary worked hard -- the result is not the work (that's now finished), but the feeling of a job well done and the admiration of her boss. In the second sentence, Mary did something really stupid, the result of which was she had to do a lot of extra work to fix all the problems she caused. The result is: lots of work.

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    Re: Do or Make ?

    Thank you very much for your clear explanation.

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