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    Default Slang phrase for "not me"

    Hi everyone!

    I was taking swimming lessons in the pool with two other guys, and the instructor asks us to do sth in whatever order that we like (ie who goes first, who second and who last). So the other two guys didn't want to go first, so they both said a slang which i had never heard of and is driving me crazy. it sounded sth like "shadi not", meaning "not me"! So I had to go first. I assume it's something like "bunny up" to decide who goes first, but obviously in reverse order!

    Anyway, I can't find the exact slang. So do you may be know what it is? It's killing me!


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    Default Re: Slang phrase for "not me"

    In BrE, you could use bagsy not, but it doesn't sound right here.

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