I am a doctoral student in HEAL (High Education & Adult Learning) and an ESL teacher. I recently became interested in teaching seniors in their 60s/70s English language. I have been coordinating this social project for one month and a half. We have first results but I still feel a gap in teaching elderly people. The search for education blogs for ESL instructors who teach senior citizens did not give me convenient results. However, I found this post http://www.usingenglish.com/forum/th...older-learners that matches exactly my criteria. Unfortunately, it was written in 2007.

A few words about the project I am working for. We have 2 groups of seniors in their 60s/70s. There are 12 senior learners in each group. They meet once a week to have a 2-hour English lesson. Each of them passed special tests before the beginning of the programme. Their results will help us to judge about the progress.

The main idea of our ESL programme for seniors is:

  • to teach them how to solve communication problems in English using their proper vocabulary;
  • to help them to develop their own problem-solving strategies that they will be able to use in their daily lives each time they have to speak English.

However, we have an additional hypothesis that such groupal education of senior citizens will help them to extenuate the deterioration skills.

If you teach the elderly people, pls, share your experience with me and, together, I believe, we can make this process better. Waiting for yr collaboration,

Thank you in advance!