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    how "handsome" differs from "adorable"?

    When I watch TV dramas and movies, I often hear "handsome" and "adorable". They are used when someone speak well of boys' figures. How are they different from each? I wonder if "adorable" sounds too girly to use for a man.
    Please tell me.

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    Re: how "handsome" differs from "adorable"?

    adorable (of a person or animal) charming,attractive and easily loved.
    eg:he was an absolutely adorable child.

    handsome:(especially of a man) physically attractive.
    eg:he was a handsome man.

    I think the 2 examples above are very clear,hope it helps you out

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    Re: how "handsome" differs from "adorable"?

    A man can be adorable, but that would normally reflect the personality rather than the looks usually. If talking about a celebrity, it could refer to the looks, though.

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