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    Hi!. Iīm fine. And you?

    1.- "The plant was born AS A RESULT OF my everyday work.
    I watered the seed every day"

    I donīt know if I always use correctly "as a result of".

    Is it fine the sentence above?

    Could you give me more examples, please?

    2.- I will try to make myself understood. Imagine you donīt
    love somebody but your parents want her to be your
    wife, girlfriend... and they get it. THatīs called

    "....." love.

    "imposed love"?. Iīm afraid not. There must
    be another way to call it?

    Thanks a million!


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    Default Re: AS A RESULT OF and VOCABULARY.

    It's OK, though 'my everday work' isn't- your everyday work would be your job, so you would need some like 'my working every day'. However, 'because I watered it every day' sounds more natural.

    We talk of 'forced marriages'.

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