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It is quite a coincidence to see this here after what I recently posted on the subject. It makes me wonder where you got the idea from.

Could you, pls, explain me one thing. In the list of irregular verbs, there are two forms for Past Simple & Partciple 1 for some of the verbs. What for these two forms are given & how to know which one to use? Because sometimes these two forms are absolutely differrent. :wink:
They are listed like this, right?

Past tense, ate; Perfect, eaten

1. Use the Past tense form when you are talking about one event/action in the past, like this,

I ate dinner yesterday. (Past)

2. Use the Prefect form in four ways:

A. with 'have/has' when you want to express an event/action taking place in the past and continuing up unit right now, like this,

I have eaten dinner. (Present Perfect)

B. with 'had' when you want to connect two events/actions in the past, like this,

I had eaten dinner before you called. (Past Perfect)

Note that, the event/action that happened first takes 'had -en/-ed', like this,

Event #1: I had eaten dinner
Event #2: you called

C. with passive voice, like this,

I ate a banana (active voice)
A banana was eaten. (passive voice)

D. as an adjective to modify nouns,

A half-eaten banana was in my bag. ('banana' is a noun and 'eaten' functions as an adjective telling us what kind of banana.)

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