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    Red face He did had/has car.


    Please correct the sentences.

    1. He did had/has time. I did say/said that.
    2. I have seen that building in 1995.
    3. When Jack became moneyed person, come and go of his relatives started.
    4. You will not get even a wind of that.
    5. Do not make spectacles over there.
    6. Devil is riding on you.
    7. Do not tear my reputation.

    Note: I want nativity in above sentences. If anyone finds them incorrect, correct them. Try to express my sentences in their native form.
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    Re: He did had/has car.

    Uh.. OK. 'Nativity', eh?--

    1. He had time. I said that.
    2. I saw that building in 1995.
    3. When Jack became rich, his relatives started visiting him.
    4. You will not even get wind of that.
    5. Do not make a spectacle over there.
    (And if you do, you will clean it up!)
    6. The Devil is riding you.
    7. Do not damage my reputation.


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