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Thread: 'at' and 'in'

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    Default 'at' and 'in'

    I was wondering if anyone could explain to me in which situations 'at' and 'in' should be used.For example,i don`t know if i should say 'in a mall,club...' or 'at a mall,club'. What is the difference anyway?
    I need more examples so i understand it better.


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    Default Re: 'at' and 'in'

    Hello Njanja

    Both can be used in the context of a location: "at" usually refers simply to the location, whereas "in" usually means "inside", e.g.

    1. I'll be at the National Gallery from 9 till 5 tomorrow.

    you might be inside the gallery or outside the gallery. (The context will usually clarify the intended meaning.)

    2. I'll be in the pub from 9 till 5 tomorrow.

    you'll be inside the pub.

    3. I'll be at Lydia's house for most of tomorrow.

    you might be in the garden, or inside the house, or painting Lydia's garage. (Again, context will usually clarify the meaning.)

    4. I don't like leaving the dog in the house all day.

    you don't like leaving the dog inside the house.


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