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Thread: wall off

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    wall off

    please tell me the meanings of 'wall of '

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    Re: wall off

    Hello Lilla, welcome to Using English!

    I'm not sure what "wall off" would mean; but you use "wall of" in situations such of these:

    1. A wall of sound = noise so great that it seems like a wall.
    2. A wall of players = a line of players in a football match who position themselves between the taker of a free kick and the goal.
    3. A wall of silence = when people refuse to say what they know about something (e.g. when local people refuse to talk to the police about an incident).

    Other members may have other examples!


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    Re: wall off

    Quote Originally Posted by MrPedantic
    1. A wall of sound = noise so great that it seems like a wall.
    The phrase "wall of sound" is often connected with Phil Spector. Back in the 60s, he created a distinctive sound which involved large numbers of musicians playing orchestrated parts giving a dense, multi-layered effect. The best example is probably You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling which he produced for the Righteous Brothers.

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    Re: wall off

    You can use 'wall off' in the context of 'walling off' or separating a section of a city. For example: "The old quarter of the castle was walled off in the last century."

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