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    The adjective ┤long'

    Hello, how is it going? Thanks in advance!

    E.X. The list is LONG

    Can I use ┤long┤ to mean that a list of names
    has got a lot of names?

    I am not really sure. I was thinking about the adjective
    ┤big┤ as well, but I don┤t know if it would work.

    Do both of them work?

    Thanks indeed!


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    Re: The adjective ┤long'

    A long list of names means that there are a lot of names. You could also say "huge" or "big" in this instance, but "long" is the typical adjective.

    (The reason we say "long" is because if you write down the list of names, one underneath the next, and there are a lot of names, it will require a long piece of paper.)

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