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    Default a lightning bolt and...

    Dear Teachers,
    I read the following passages from Mirror, Mirror by Gregory Maguire:
    "Don Vicente, let me ask for your arm. I'm faint as a dowager who has taken Madeira at noon." She looked about as faint as a lightning bolt.
    Is "as faint as a lightning bolt" a common simile in English? my opinion, lightning bolt is something strong rather than faint...
    "It is 1502 .... every chin in Europe turns away from Byzantium and toward Lisboa and Castile."
    Does this imply that everybody switched their attention / interest from Byzantium to Lisboa and Castile?
    "I was a dark twist of child hiding behind my father."
    What does it mean by "a dark twist" of child?

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    Default Re: a lightning bolt and...

    1-- Your opinion is correct. This is sarcasm. The dowager looks very strong to Don Vicente.

    2-- Yes. I don't know why the writer chose chin over face, however; perhaps something in the context will explain that.

    3-- a dark twist of a child = a small, thin, dark-complexioned child, and probably in a twisted posture, which children often assume, hiding behind a father's leg.

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    Default Re: a lightning bolt and...


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