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Thread: sanguine humor?

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    Default sanguine humor?

    Dear Teachers,

    From Mirror, Mirror:

    "In the yard below, the visitors had arrived under cover of darkness. Sometime between midnight and dawn, during the hours pertinent to the sanguine humor."

    What does it mean by the hours pertinent to the "sanguine humor"?

    "He had thought it was dyspepsia at first, as he had met with a sausage of suspicious vintage, and his stomach..."

    Does "met with a sausage of suspicious vintage" mean that he had eaten a sausage that might have pasted its expiration date?

    "In that state of half-sleep, he had seen the girl stepping on clouds of carven ivory. But she stepped toward a cliff edge..."

    Does "clouds of carven ivory" mean the clouds are made of ivory? Or this is just describing its white color?

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    Default Re: sanguine humor?

    Sentence 1

    pertinent: - Relevant, Applicable, Related, Important, Significant

    sanguine: - Confident, Optimistic, Cheerful, Hopeful, Positive...

    (I hope this might help you, I just gave you the relevant you can insert this words and get the meaning...just let me know if you still have a trouble understanding this sentence....(I am still feeling that gramatically there are few errors with this sentence, what you think)

    I think sentence no. 2 looks good...You got it...

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    Default Re: sanguine humor?

    Err...thanks, but it seems replacing the two words by the words you suggested does not make the sentence more understandable. For example, the hours 'relevant' to the 'confident' humor? The whole thing still doesn't make sense for me...

    I mean, what does "sanguine humor" mean? And, what kind of a time it is that it's pertinent to the sanguine humor?

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    Default Re: sanguine humor?

    Without more context, I'd say it means that you need a positive attitude during the night time. However, it might possibly mean 'humour' in the old sense of the humours of the body, not entertainment: noun: (Middle Ages) one of the four fluids in the body whose balance was believed to determine your emotional and physical state

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