Dear teachers,
I find this forum really helpful and interesting, but even though I've been promoted to junior member (over 30 posts?), I have to act through trial and error.
In vain have I tried to find a sort of manual for inexperienced newcomers. The Site Information has nothing. The Tools - either.
I am not the only one to lose my posts. Yes, help was immediately provided, thanks, still there are questions.
1. If I want to find my post do I have to
a) look down the line until I find one of my own, then click on my name
b) create a new thread in order to get my name to be clicked upon! (Reminds of the Baron Munchausen pulling himself out by his own hair).
2. What do I do to read about, say, Mr.Pedantic or tdol (their profiles)?
3. Where can I read about the creators and staff of the site, their aims or goals and financing? I've been wondering what the point of answering thousands of questions for free is.
4. I don't understand the difference between Reply and Quick reply. How can I operate Quick reply?
5. Nor can I insert a quote from other messages. I am not able to paste a separate sentence and copy it.
6. What is private messages function for? How do I use it?
7. How (when, why) do I post attachments?
8. What about the buddys' list? What do I do with it?
Looking forward to your help.
Thank you.