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    Construction: Verb +his/him + Verb-ing

    Construction: Verb + his/him/your + Verb-ing
    I know that the verbs that can take this construction are all the verbs which can be followed directly from a gerund (admit, appreciate, avoid, can't bear, burst out, put off, make up for, etc.)e.g. : I appreciate him studying a lot.
    First I'd like to know if it is more formal to say I appreciate his studying a lot or I appreciate him studying a lot, that is the possessive or the object pronoun.
    More, I'd like to get a list of the verbs which can take this construction: there a lot of lists but i never got in touch with a list which also contains the prepositional - phrasal verbs like put off and make up for. I'd like especially to know more three-part phrasal verbs like make up for, which should be in theory all suitable for this usage given that they all end with a preposition.

    Thx vey much in advance
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    Re: Construction: Verb +his/him + Verb-ing

    his + gerund is more formal.

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