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    Smile Would you correct these sentences?

    I found two sentences written below in the entrance exams of two famous high schools in Japan and I don't think they are correct.

    1. Mrs. Lily seemed that she didn't believe me.
    What I learned at school is that when the sentence is started with "It seems", it can be followed by that-clause.

    So I think the correct sentence would be:
    "It seemed that Mrs. Lily didn't believe me."
    Or "Mrs. Lily seemed not to believe me."

    But when I searched for "she seemed that she" by Google, there were too many hits of it and some of them were written by people from English speaking countries, I suppose. I'm not 100% sure now. Am I wrong?

    2. I was twenty minutes passed the station at which I should've gotten off.
    From the context, the sentence seems to mean:
    "I missed my station by twenty minutes."

    I'd apprecite your answer very much.
    Thank you for your help.

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    Default Re: Would you correct these sentences?

    1 It seemed that Mrs L didn't believe me. or Mrs L didn't seem to believe me.
    2 It should be past

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