Similarities and Differences : My Opinion about College English and Scientific English

Before I’m going to outline the similarities and the distinction between college English and scientific English. I think it’s essential to give a definition to both of them. College English, like high school English, is generally used in daily life and mainly deal with everyday stuff while scientific English is often used in some professional fields, such as biology and engineering.
In terms of language itself, scientific English should be based on college English. NO matter how different they seem to be, both are served as a tool for carrying information They present the writers’ thoughts as well as attitude.
However, college English and scientific English may differ in the way they’re written. Since college English is common English, it is far easier for us to understand and there are a number of phrasal verbs, idioms, slang and the words with most common usage in it. Yet scientific English may be stuffed with lots of specialized terms and it tend to be precisely worded to make sure it is accurate and professional.
The purpose for which we write is also a very important aspect . We usually make out professional articles for particular purpose. If we want to have a new discovery known to the public or compile a textbook on science, you will definitely write them in scientific English. However, common English will be thought to be too causal when they’re used in such articles.
In short, though there are differences between scientific English and college English, they are expected to go hand in hand with one another. They both deserve great efforts and long time to learn. Apart form knowledge of language, a good grasp of scientific knowledge can help to make your scientific English much better.

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