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    Need assistance - grammar and non-standard english expressions


    The following is an excerpt from an article on living room furniture.

    "Chaplinís 1936 movie; Modern Times, one of the last silent films made on the subject was visually vocal in depicting the struggle to survive in the modern, industrialized world. That was then, and more recently Bob Dylan in his latest; Modern times, croons on "Workingman's Blues", resonating the sentiment; the more things change the more they remain the same! Modern times spawned modern lifestyles that throw visuals of self-contained units of people disconnected, and yet ironically connected; electronically. The home is then where the heart is - that is where one truly belongs. And, the Living room then is the oasis - in this age of cacophony."

    I want to understand how this could be improvised on.
    Also, if someone could be generous enough to point flaws - that would be great!

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Need assistance - grammar and non-standard english expressions

    Chaplin’s 1936 movie; Modern Times, - Chaplin’s 1936 movie, Modern Times, (and again with Bob Dylan's latest)
    last silent films made on the subject - I'd delete 'on the subject'
    throw visuals - visions???

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