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    Third Person Singular


    As a rule a third person singular is added with s, es etc. I want to know, if asking a questions in same speech like what does that mean? Does this means out? Should mean in both cases should also carry s , if not why not? Many thanks.

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    Re: Third Person Singular

    No; when you use does/doesn't, the main verb does not have the final -s:
    He likes her.
    He doesn't like me.
    Does he like it?

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    Re: Third Person Singular

    well, when you use does in this sentence What does that mean? you should remember one thing, does it is an auxiliary verb and if you analize this you could understand it

    I do
    you do

    he does
    she does es means 3rd person
    it does
    you do
    we do
    they do

    what does that mean?question ---- that means answer

    I hope this can make you understand this point better

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