Dear Sir/ Madam
I,MY NAME, am very glad to get the information of the equipment supervisor you posted when I skim the website, I think I am competent with this postion in comparison with the requirement of your client.
Pls see the attached then you will get more information about me, I have four-year engineer experiences and two years experiences as an facility Supervisor, and also got some achievement during my work.
If I am able to meet your comstomer's requirement, Pls contact me thru my Email or MP, Thanks!
Best regards!

Personal Informations:
Name: Birth: Work Experience: 7 Years
H.P 1111111111
M.P 2222222222

Work Experiences
1\From 09/2004 till now:
Working in ~~~~company, Shanghai, as a facility supervisor report to M.E manager.
1\ Analysis and improvement according to the unplan shutdown issues with TPM, including HVAC, compressor, machine center, test and assembly machines, etc.
2\ Setup and commissioning new manufacture line, evaluate suppliers according to the
requirement from engineering department.
3\ Cost control to ensure all in budget
4\ Special equipment design and manufacture for some experiments
5\ Technical Skills Training for staffs

2\ From 04/2000~ 09/2004 Work in WEIFU, Wuxi as an equipment engineer
Checkup, acceptance, maintenance and improvement design for the equipments.
Very familiar with the principle of CNC, PLC, Converter, and some other automatic control elements, also have some maintenance experience of high precision equipments.

Education Background
1\ From Sept. 1996 till Jul. 2000 At JiangNan University Major in Mechanical Technics and Equipment Design
Main Course: Mechanical Manufacture, Electric control and ect.

1\ 2005/9~2005/9 ~~~Management System
2\ 2005/6~2005/6 FANUC Connection Design Launched by BEIJING FANUC
3\2003/10~2003/11 JUNKER Electric and mechanical system principle in Germany
4\ 2002/7~2002/8 Training of the special machine pre-acceptance in Swiss
5\ 2001/7~2001/8 Principle of FANUC system
6\ 2001/9~2001/9 Training in SIEMENS automatic department in BeiJing