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    Who is native speaker?

    Who is `native speaker'?

    What is the meaning of this native speaker?

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    Re: Who is native speaker?

    Native speaker = a person who has spoken a language from a very early age.


    I grew up in England. I started to speak English when I was a child. I am a native speaker of English.

    Your native language is acquired from your parents and the people around you. You are better at speaking your native language than any other language.

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    Re: Who is native speaker?

    Additionally, the term native can be misleading. It is quite possible that the first language learned is no longer a speaker's dominant language. Young immigrant children, whose families have moved to a new linguistic environment may lose, in part or in totality, the language they first acquired.

    In such cases, competence, function, as well as origin are taken into consideration:

    Origin: the language(s) one learned first (the language(s) in which one has established the first long-lasting verbal contacts).
    Competence: the language(s) one knows best.
    Function: the language(s) one uses most.


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