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    do things right / make things right

    which one is correct? and if both are, what's the difference in meaning?

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    Re: do things right / make things right

    "Do things right" means to do something the proper way, following instructions, as per the rules.

    "Make things right" implies that you've upset someone or done something wrong, and you now want to make reparations. For example, you borrowed money from a friend a long time ago, and completely forgot about it. Suddenly you find the receipt from that money among your old papers, and you're embarrassed that you forgot your debt. You apologize to your friend, and tell him "I want to make things right. Here's the money I owe you, with a little extra so that you can take your wife out to dinner at a nice restaurant as my guests."

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    Re: do things right / make things right

    'do things right' means to do something correctly.
    'make things right' means to resolve differences you may of had with someone.

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