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Thread: let vs allowed

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    let vs allowed

    tell me if this phrase is correct: relating to the verb tense of "let"

    1. "I should've never let you leave this place when I had the chance."

    making a reference to something that happened in the past. I know that i could replace "let" with "allowed" so I'm just asking is "let" the correct verb tense?

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    Re: let vs allowed

    Hello Market,

    1. I should never have let you leave this place.
    2. I should never have allowed you to leave this place.

    Both of these are fine. It may be that you'd be more likely to find "allowed" in contexts where the speaker was in a position to give permission to the other person to leave.

    Thus a father might say to an errant son, "I should never have allowed you to go out this evening"; while a wife might say to an errant husband, "I should never have let you go out this evening".

    (But of course, vice versa is also possible.)


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