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    Correct pronounciation of dessert and desert?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I joined this forum so I could ask this question. For many years I've pronounced desert (with meaning of leaving/forsaking) and dessert as [di-zurt], and desert (with meaning of a dry and arid region) as [dez-ert].

    I use the's pronounciation key: Unabridged Pronunciation Key

    I live in Australia and I've heard people pronounce dessert as [duh-zurt]. I've recently adopted this pronounciation style for dessert. I guess I was trying to sound Australian, but I also really like the fact that a different pronounciation for dessert means that people won't be confused with what I say (despite the fact that context would probably save them from confusion).

    However, a look into my Oxford dictionary and proves me wrong (see above). My question is probably most relevant to Australians, but I'd like to hear from anyone how you pronounce these 3 words!


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    Re: Correct pronounciation of dessert and desert?

    I utter "desert (with meaning of leaving/forsaking)" as /dw.Zert0/ (IPA symbols) where /w/ is as in <it> & /e/ as in <let>. My "desert" rhymes w/ "dessert".

    I pronounce "desert (with meaning of a dry and arid region)" as /0deZ.crt0/ (IPA symbols) where /e/ is as in <let> & /c/ as in <ago>.

    Linguists would probably say thereís no right or wrong as such; thereíre only dialectal variants. Aussies, like others, donít necessarily pronounce words like we do here in NAmer.

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