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    Pls help to edit my first essay, Thanks(Why still nobody edit it? PLS help)

    This is my first essay, pls help to edit it, thanks

    Changing your job frequently, is it benefit or not?
    In the talking with one of my friends about how to promote ourself quickly, we found there are two different ways to achieve it, "we can do the same work in one company about one or two years, and then you must change your job soon, you can get a high position than the present one because of your more experience", contrasting with it is that We should do the same job in one position more longer, because we can get more detail knowledges and skills to meet the requirements of some further positions.
    Different position requires different skills, so we can always challenge ourselves during the working, we can find the better approaches to complete our abilities more easily with the specific requirements, every day is new so that you can always keep your passion to face verything, you will be absorbed in solving new problems with some creative solutions, and then proceed to an other one with the feeling of sucess. If you are always on one position, do the same work day by day, you will lose your creativities and passion, and even to sink in some unnormal situations.
    One the other hands, we should improve ourselves according the rules of some higher position, if we meet the requirments, we can proceed to get a better job with higher salaries and honors. so much so that you will not always bear the higher pressures, and will be happy to do everything with enough skills, and never be lose your heart when you fail to achieve your goals.
    In fact, in these opinions, we can find the advantage point is that they all want to improve themselves, but over time, the different ways will come equally to one point, promotion.
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