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Thread: last straw

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    last straw

    We believe cricket is as bad for society as a DJ (disc jockey) is. A wise man once said that cricket is not our sport. We should race and play football and volleyball," says secretary Jogi Ram.

    The Indian team's performance at the World Cup may have been the last straw, but most of these villagers want other games lost in the shadow of cricket to be given their due. And the decision to ban cricket doesn't seem to have upset the children either.

    What does `last straw' mean in this paragraph?
    Could anyone explain it please?

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    Re: last straw

    It is a part of the proverb: íTis the last straw that breaks the horseís (or camelís) back. In weighing articles, as salt, tea, sugar, etc., it is the last pinch which turns the scale; and there is an ultimate point of endurance beyond which calamity breaks a man down.

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