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    Default articles with the names of plants

    If you have a problem with poor lighting in your apartment, you may consider plants like dracaena, peace lily, ivy, cast iron, or snake plant, which in Ukraine, my native country, would be called mother-in-law’s tongue.

    I'm not sure if i should put "the" before the word plants, or should i put it before the name of each plant?
    Please explain it to me. Do we use articles with the names of plants or trees?

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    Default Re: articles with the names of plants

    In your example, you don't need articles as you are talking of the plant genera, rather than of a specific plant.

    "The dracaena in my apartment has to survive with little lighting." This is referring to a specific plant so needs an article.

    "A peace lily or a cast iron plant make a good feature in a room with low light." Again, specific plants are referred to.

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