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    Default American English

    What is the most used accent in America?

    I've been to America twice and they were both only for tour.

    And I've never really lived there, but I like the American accent a lot and I would really love to pick it up.

    And I'm also interested in various accents of America and in the differences among them.

    Do you know such sites as somewhere I can listen to many accents and compare one accent with others?

    And... Uh... I don't know you guys have ever seen the sitcom Friends but, Are the actors using New York Accent? I always thought they were using it, but my sister says it's all Californian...

    I kind of fantasized New York accent, but it's kind of a bombshell(?) to me.

    And is Californian similar to Midwestern?
    And once again, what is the most common accent in America?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: American English

    You can find out more about American accents and dialects here:

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