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    Question Does listening to podcasts help you?


    I have several questions to English teachers. (Sorry for the number of them! Would be great to get answers at least on some.)

    Unfortunately, I've slightly mistyped in the post title -- my actual question could be summarized as "Does listening to podcasts help your students?".

    Do you think that that listening to podcasts in English can have a tangible positive effect?
    If yes, did you notice any such effect?
    At what degree did listening to podcasts help compared to average students who only attended lessons and did some homework?
    How many students if any do now voluntarily listen to podcasts?
    Does number of such students increase over time?
    Do you recommend additional listening (in particular, podcasts) to your students?

    Would appreciate if you could provide some examples from your practice.

    I'd love to hear about English learners' personal experience too! Do you use podcasts in your learning process? If you do listen then: 1) Does it help you? 2) What topics of podcasts do you prefer?

    Thank you!
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