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Thread: Crunch time

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    Re: Crunch time

    Quote Originally Posted by banderas View Post
    according to wikipedia:
    The term was invented in New Zealand in 1984 as a combination of the two phrases show-time and when it comes to the crunch

    Question to stuartnz: have you heard about it?
    First, a disclaimer: If Wikipedia told me that my name was Stuart, that 2+2=4, or that the Earth was an oblate spheroid which orbited the Sun approximately once every 365.24 days, I would triple check the information with more reliable and trustworthy sources, including my cat and my neighbour's dog.

    That said, I was surprised and embarrassed to hear that the phrase originated here. Surprised and embarrassed because I ought to have realised that from its frequency. The phrase is heard here VERY often, almost as often in fact as Wikipedia is caught providing either deliberate or unintentional misformation.

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    Re: Crunch time

    I know the word crunch^Y^

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    Re: Crunch time

    Saying crunch made me sleepy :D that's why I chosen don't need to do anything.

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