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    public works words (sentences)

    Hello everybody,

    In fact I need some help concerning my work, and I am requesting the meaning of these technical words sentences:

    - hot-in-place recycling heaters
    - hot-in-place recycling remixers
    - pneumatic impact moles

    It must to be some machines, but I don't find any meaning of them in any dictionary, they are technical words regarding the public works (roads).

    Thanks you

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    Re: public works words (sentences)

    Hot-in-place recycling heaters
    (Used in paving roads with asphalt; usually only used to repair small, shallow road defects.)

    Hot in place recycling remixers
    (Similar to above, except an extra aggregate is added to the mixture to provide extra strength and stability.)

    The above two devices are referred to as "in place" because they are machines that mix the asphalt on site, or right where the construction people are working. Otherwise, the machinery is located at a plant somewhere, and the raw material has to be hauled back and forth to the construction site.

    Pneumatic impact moles
    (Also known as a "pipe burster" - used in the sewer industry as a trenchless method to replace pipes.)

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    Re: public works words (sentences)

    Thank you very much for your explanation, now i'll try to translate it into french, cause I have to.

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