I am currently a student at University of British Columbia in the faculty of Arts. In the past, I attended Vancouver Technical Secondary; looking back at my school years, I enjoyed grade eight the most: because it was special, successful and exciting.

In the transition from elementary to high school, everything changed dramatically. In grade eight, I felt like I was suddenly given an enormous amount of freedom. For instance, I can go home for lunch without having my parents sign a permission form. In addition to that, I do not have to ask for permission to go to the washroom or wander around the halls.

In all my academic years, grade eight was the most successful year. I got on the honor roll, received many awards and certificates. . The best part was that, I didnít have to work hard for my achievements. Indeed grade eight wasnít really important; however I did gain confidence through my success. For instance, there was no homework that I felt I was unable to complete. Also, I was not shy to raise my hand to answer questions.

The best thing I like about grade eight is being a popular student at school. All my teachers liked me a lot. I met many new friends and had many memorable moments together. For example, I remembered in November of 1996, my friends and I went to watch a movie; it was special because, it was my first time watching a movie without parents or adult supervision around. I felt like I have grown up.

In conclusion, grade eight is the best school year. Those memories are still vivid in colors as I sit here writing my LPI essay. I hope in the future my children will feel the same way as I did (entering high school).