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    Default My Grandfather Help me please


    My grandfather was the person that I admire in this life for different things that happened when I was a young.

    My grandfather was an excellent person that educate me with uprightness as a person should be in the life; every day when he came to my family home he used to explain too much how! The person should be, as I showed each I gave with my actions that I am a person with dignity, also He showed with facts its behavior with us of the great person that the was in his life. Other thing. He was a great grandfather great perhaps because he was widower or because its form to be was to showed the great person and in each opportunity that the tapeworm to help us and to educate us. It toward without expecting nothing to change. So much that many times discuss with my mother because she liked to protect much.
    When I think in my Grandfather all my memories came to me and crying because He was a nice person with me and I pray to my God for my grandfather because I think He was with him.

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    Default Re: My Grandfather Help me please

    You are very lucky to have that man as your Grandfather!

    The middle section of your writing needs many corrections and changes for grammer, punctuation, incomplete sentences, etc. I suggest that you read it again and try to make changes. I have a suggestion for the first and last sentence. I hope my suggestion is helpful to you.

    I admire my Grandfather more than any other person because of the things that happened when I was a young.

    When I think of my Grandfather, all my memories come back to me and I cry because he was a very nice person with me. I pray to my God for my Grandfather because I think he is with God.

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