Hi there,

I wonder if you can help me with the following questions:

-What is the difference in meaning between "I have been living in Barcelona for 20 years" and "I've lived in Barcelona for twenty years"?
or "I have stomachache because I've been eating chocolate" and "I have stomachache because I've eaten chocolate"?

Are these sentences correct?
-He ordered too to give the child into the custody of the FBI (where should I put the "too"?)
-When they had to separate their lives, they were both very sad about that
-The lawyer helped them to get out of troubles
-He tried to kill himself (is a "by" necessay here?) inhaling the gas in his car
-He's very protective with her son
-Put someone to/in prison
-Do you say "in the end of the story" or "at the end of the strory"?
-They had been very closed together, and she had been always there, when Mark needed her
-She is sa woman that didn't have/hasn't had a very successful life, she was divorced, and didn't see her children.
-She tries her best for her customers
-The police recommended a witness protection programme, so they don't get found by the Mafia.They are scared the Mafia will try and find them.

Thanks a million!!!!