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    Default pronouns - she/me/her/me etc

    I'm forever confused with the usage of the following. Appreciate answers and/or clarifications:

    1) Let ________ and ________ be the first to hear the good news, please?
    (1) she...I (2) her...I
    (3) (4)

    2) The scissors which my mother uses to cut my hair _____ sharpened every year.
    (1) is (2) are (3) was (4) were

    3) Which spelling is British and which is American?
    (1) realise / realize
    (2) colors / colours
    (3) organize / organise......

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    1. her and me (object pronouns with 'let')
    2. are (scissors is a plural noun)
    3. realize, color and organize are US (in many words, American English favors 'z' over 's' and 'or' over 'our')


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    Ahmed88 Guest


    I do agree with Francois. Answers are quite right.

    I may add the singular form of scissors here which is "a pair of scissors"


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    Thanks Francois and Ahmed for the explanation...

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